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Overlooking Stanage Edge

About Me

At Landscape/Portrait, I specialise in capturing your family and pets in the beautiful natural surroundings of the great outdoors. My portfolio includes stunning landscape photography for sale, as well as family and pet portraits that showcase the natural beauty of your loved ones both with and without fur. I am passionate about capturing the beauty of nature and the relationships between people and their pets.
I'm dedicated to providing you with a unique experience that captures your unique personality and style. I believe that photography is more than just taking pictures - it's about telling a story and capturing moments that will last a lifetime.
Whether you're looking for a family portrait in a scenic location, or a stunning landscape photo to decorate your home or office, Landscape/Portrait has you covered.


"Capturing the beauty and essence of family"

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Let's Connect

Contact us today to schedule your family or pet portrait session in nature.

Tel: 07470 327288

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