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Welcome to Landscape Portrait

I suppose my first blog post should be about me so anyone reading can get to know the person behind the lens.

First things first, Hi, my name is Mitch, I'm a Portrait and Landscape Photographer born and raised in Sheffield, I've always been a creative, i went to college in Sheffield to study Music Technology and I also play drums, during lockdown I also dabbled in woodworking and woodturning before I started photography.

I started doing photography in August 2023 when i finally bit the bullet and bought a drone, a DJI Mini 3 to be precise, this led to my love of the outdoors and photographing it, I eventually saved enough to by my first camera, My beloved Fuji X-T3, from a work colleague, and I've never looked back since.

One of the first pictures i took in the peak district on my Drone, and still one of my favourites

I offered my first Portrait Photography session as apart of a Movember fundraiser at work, in exchange for a £20 donation to Movember I did an hour session at Clumber park, and I was so happy with the results I started this business.

So that's a brief background on myself and this business, I Hope to see you back soon!

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